Monday, May 30, 2005

IIMB Alumni in Bangalore

This is the link to the group home for the IIMB Alumni who are in Bangalore. Its for junta across batches. So do let people know. Hopefully better Alumni networking and parties in the future!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

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What am i listenin to this week?

1. Gavin DeGraw - Chariot
2.The Killers - Smile like you mean it
3. Oasis - So Sally can wait
4. Benny Bennassi - California dreaming
5. Snoop Dogg feat. Justin Timberlake - Signs

the getaway!

The last weekend was awesome...finally took off for a long weekend where i didn't go home and hung out with friends with a road trip, sessions of booze and brunches thrown in. Hadn't done this thing for a while where I did not have a plan for the day or the days to follow...we just made them as they went...

Pune was fun inspite of the temp (41.8 which was the hottest for this century....and second highest ever) and the powercuts on top of that! Was a damn good trip where Handa and I kinda figured what it is to get domestic spats and making up sessions of Kan and Aloke! But they are pretty good as a couple all said and done...and damn good friends too! The wedding was nice with T looking a lil' hassled and Blah trying to breathe through her bangles et al.

The next day reception was a whole lot better with T looking damn cool in his linen suit and Blah was just looking too hot!!! But i still can't get over the Spanish omlette that kinda made me lie low for a while...dun think am gonna order one in the recent future!!! Going back to Mumbai...the alumni thingy was a such a damp squib...keeping in mind the one i helped organise in Delhi and the one in Singapore...none of them was so bad (kinda compounds it cause the Mumbai one is always been the biggest and the best!). Anyways the bailey's did the trick and I slept like a baby that night.

The brunch at Indigo on Sunday was just awesome...the spread for the salad, the steaks/waffles/chicken, the desserts and the we never had it so good!!! Which kinda made me doze off and snore for a second at the movie (Star Wars III). When i woke up i soaked up the flick...which is the best amongst the prequels for sure! I had vowed that alcohol would not be touched but alas when I met up with Divya...we ended up in Seijo and were the last people to get and not to mention the alcohol that was touched and consumed!

The weekend eneded with drama at the airport where I suddenly found I did not have a seat (since i was on a staff ticket) as other flights were delayed and they were putting the passengers on my as usual there was a distress call made to dad in Toronto and then I begged the captain to gimme a jump seat...after a couple of minutes he actually did and I got bk to Bangy...phew!!! What a weekend!

Monday, May 09, 2005

books, packing and no sleep

My folks finally left for Toronto early this morning..which I had to go home for the weekend to help in packing and stripping the house of all stuff. Packing was bloody hectic...slept quite less as I didnt imagine it would be done before all of us had to take our flights...but I guess after 11th hour management which a B-School guy thrives and takes pleasure got done eventually...but not before my mom figured out that she had packed her shoes off and had none to she got on to the flight with the borrowed ones from the neighbour...hehehe...well you cant win 'em all can u?

Anyways in this 3-4 days I read three books:
1. John Grisham's new one....dun even remember the title says a lot about the it only if u r stuck in an airport and choose it by mistake!!!
2. Lavanya Sankaran's - Red Carpet...picked it up as I had heard good things about it and the fact all of the stories are based outta Bangalore...I'd say some of them make good reads...the others are just about fine...dun remember them u can guess!
3. Vir Sanghvi's - Rude Food...its one of the best I've read so far not in terms of the literature but it just flows and I can relate to most of the stuff he's speaking...ok maybe not the caviar and the choicest of wines...but can vouch for the Nizam's rolls!!! Pick it up when you actually tells you that the Manchurian chicken is not from just got invented in India...there's no place called Manchuria if thats what you were thinking!

So my weekend came to a close...waiting for the next two hectic in Coonoor and the other in Pune...none of which I've ever been too...should be good and more stuff to write on!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

what am i listenin to this week?

1. Garbage - Why do you love me?
2. Coldplay - Speed of sound
3. Bodyrockers - I like the way
4. Anna Nalick - Breathe
5. Jesse McCartney - Beautiful soul

where have i been???

just realised its been sometime since i came was trying to think what had kept me away...first of all is the stupid heat which dusnt make me wanna do anythin...quite sick of it right now though there arises semblances of respite with quick dashes of rains! else been busy with figuring out stuff with my parents packing off to Toronto for the next three years...guess a holiday in july with a stop-over in London looks more probable now. weeknds have been killing with me travelling or someone coming over...dunno where they travellin again trow to Ahd to get more stuff from home!!!

anyways the good stuff is that i finally bought my dvd writer...yippieee!!! now the laptop is gonna be more lean and mean and that means more games..hell yeah!!! so far it was acting like my piddly hotmail account with constant gardening!!!