Friday, October 08, 2004

Firefox it is..goodbye IE?

I usually dabble around with freeware only to find out they are not worth it in the end. I had used neo planet and opera some years back but had eventually got back to the IE. But I guess this time around its going to be a tad different. Firefox is quite a breeze. The installation itself is fast (small setup file) even on a dial-up. Plus the tab browsing (which Opera started off with if I remember correctly) is so convenient to use here. Plus you get the live bookmark option which is a huge plus for people constantly looking to read up on recent news. So goodbye IE? I hope this time its true!

You know you have spent a lot of time playing that game when...

Its quite funny. Before I got addicted to Championship Manager (the game where you manage your own football club), football was quite simple. You love the club you support, stay glued to the television during the games (better still if you can go the match!), you love it when your team is beating the hell out of your brother's team, throw a fit when they play like idiots and so on!

Then someone initiates you to the game. Whoah! All hell breaks lose! You wonder why doesn't the manager buy a Gerrard or a Henry, give the player with the higher rating (in the game) an extended run in the field. You are GOD! Alas, you wish it was so easy! More and more unrealistic expectations set in and you start getting more and more disappointed! Its quite a riot in the club forums, where people (with the background in gaming) yelling we should buy this guy and that guy. They forget a simple thing. In the game you play with numbers. In real life its all about the money honey! Don't worry, I'm one of them too. And I'll keep playing! :)

The Indian foodie!

Its so true everytime. Whenever an Indian lands up abroad what's the first thing he looks for? You got that one right - an Indian eating joint! You could have a go at me saying the British always want their bacon and eggs, the Americans always look for their steaks, so what's wrong with Indians going for some dal & chawal (pulses & rice). While there's nothing wrong in it and its absolutely fine sticking to one's culinary I wonder if we lack the sense of adventure of tasting the other cuisines in this world? I for one would love to taste the cuisine of the country I go visiting (maybe if I don't like what I see I might not eat it...but am sure I'd find something that I would like), but again some relatives, friends who have been abroad wouldn't find it 'filling' if they don't have their staple diet of daal-chawal. Go figure!