Thursday, April 21, 2005

NBA playoffs are on this weekend!

The Nets made it to the NBA playoffs, clinching the last play off place and now play the Heat. That should one exciting series. Catch it this weekend!

What am i listenin to this week?

1. The Shins - New slang
2. Jem - Just a ride
3. The Thrills - Big Sur
4. Matt Pond PA - Champagne supernova
5. Frou Frou - Let go


have you ever thought of your life as a project plan with milestones??? specially that for an Indian!
from the cradle to the is divided into phases...u study in school/college/post-grad...then start working...then get married (unless uve already done that!)...have kids...get them to them grow and then get married and soon you have grandkids....its kinda pre-defined...all you need to do is pick up the milestones and plant them during these phases! i wonder if in all of this people forget to live?

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

first rains...

i had been cribbing about the bangalore weather for quite sometime...of how its not as cool as it used to be a few years usual it all got swept away by the first rains of the season...i even thought of doing a gene kelly to it...i thought better

makes me remember abt the rains when i was the kid...i used to love it back then (more than i do now)...loved getting wet...calcutta is stil famous about its roads getting flooded during the used walk a few kilometres in knee-deep good fun though to walk back with friends. was even better if it was still raining the next day and the roads were still school...coming back is ok..going to school in knee-deep water??? no way!!!

the first storm of the season (spring)...called 'baisakhi' brings with it fury of the wind, the rain which buckets down in torrents and the oh-so-nice smell of the rain-drenched of my fave smells ever! just got reminded of it a few days back :)

Sunday, April 03, 2005

What am i listenin to this week?

1. Bono and The Corrs - When the stars go blue
2. Story of the year - Sidewalks
3. John Mellencamp - Wild night
4. Gavin DeGraw - I don't want to be
5. Uniting Nations - Out of touch

c'est la vie!

another week over this year...kinda feels the same...i remember when as a kid i used to treasure the Sundays coz i had TV programmes lined up after i finished studying by days i guess are lost forever...we don't value things which comes to us easily i guess...nowadays whatever you might want, you can actually get one's actually stopping you...nor do we wonder if we really really need it! And soon after we get it, the novelty wears off...surprised?? Don't think so.

Anyways on a different track, I think this year's been the worst year for all the sports teams i support...the indian cricket team i shall not comment on..they are just not worth it! ManUtd's struggling to finish second in the league and maybe salvage a FA cup for the year. Ferrari have no clue what has hit them (actually Renault's just been too good). Laker's not the same with Shaq (he's been tearing up the Miami courts this season)...Kobe grow up now!!! You've got no game without a team! Don't think they will qualify for play-offs...quite sad!