Friday, June 01, 2007

Sample this

One of the reasons I have watched One Tree Hill since the beginning is because of the soundtrack. A few are indie while most are promotion of new bands whom I wouldn't have heard otherwise. And they throw in some popular ones from time to time viz. Gym Class Heroes, The Wreckers, Feeder, Audioslave, Travis, Jimmy Eat World, Keane etc. So when I found out that the third volume is out, I was more than happy to give it a listen. Its a great mix-tape as usual...whoever chooses the tracks does a fantastic job everytime. The ones that stand out are 'Non-believer - La Rocca', 'Lay me down - The Wreckers' and 'The Funeral - Band of Horses'. If you would like to sample to some of the new tracks on the last few episodes - then check couple of these out - 'In my dreams - Scanner' and 'Something to believe in - Aqualung'. Go ahead and have a listen!

Have a good weekend!