Sunday, October 23, 2005

water water everywhere!

The first thing that comes to my mind is the name of the band 'Wet wet wet'! Thats exactly how Bangalore's been for the last few days! Its been raining since last week (12 hours non-stop on Saturday) and it has given no hints that it might stop anytime soon! Hosur Road - the one and only road to work (Electronics City) is flooded and so are a few more important roads in Indiranagar, Domlur, Jayanagar etc.

This is what TOI reports on the non-stop rainfall:
"October is a few millimetres away from overpowering rain statistics and records. The highest-ever annual rainfall recorded in Bangalore stands at 1432 mm in 1998. Cut to now, as of Oct. 23, 2005, the rainfall has clocked 1401 mm already, as against the normal of 970 mm. There’s more — the highest ever recorded for October was 522 mm in 1956. “We are very close to these statistics right now, another spell of 50 mm rainfall and it would be a historic rainfall,” declares Met department director A L Koppar. For, October has already seen 474 mm rainfall."
The images are of Bomanahalli and the Wipro Office on Hosur Road (images courtesy TOI). The first thing I did was not to head out to EC and instead chose to work from the city (where traffic was not that bad at 8:30am).


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