Tuesday, October 25, 2005

and the world passes by...

Scene last evening:

5:41pm -> I finally get out of office after waiting for the last meeting of the day that did not happen!
5:42pm -> Am wondering which route to take to go home (considering most of Bangalore is water-logged).
5:43pm -> Decide with driver's inputs that Hudson circle route is the best one. Great!
5:50pm -> Get stuck at near Corporation Building.
6:20pm -> Still stuck there.
6:30pm -> Crawled some 100 metres.
6:40pm -> Still crawling...
7:00pm -> Crawled a km towards Lal Bagh.
7:20pm -> Finally reach Lal Bagh.
7:30pm -> Avoid BTM main road and take Dairy Circle Fly-Over to take right near Forum at Tavarekere.
7:41pm ->Reach Home.

So basically - sigh!phew! $%^S&!!!

What do you do when you are stuck in a traffic jam in good old Bangy? Actually nothing. So how is it different than being stuck in a Delhi, Chennai, Calcutta, Mumbai??? You do not sweat! And for the first time in my life I have realised the value of the iRiver during these jams. I watched the odd couple (with the handy plastic bag as the headgear) try and maneuver between the cars and trucks to get ahead by that extra inch. People getting impatient to get home and ending up taking all the wrong turns to get into a jam which again makes them more impatient. So I just told the driver - please drive on the middle of the road and just keep going ahead, no lefts and rights please. Irrespective of how much fight you put, you end up taking the same time to get to any place. So why not just chill? Thats exactly what I did with Travis, Weezer and the boys crooning in my ears through my iRiver player as the rest of the world passed me by (or stood still - depending on where I was). And I thought it was of more use during long flights!!!


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